Red Alert!

13 May

So after consulting with some other nerds on the supertubes, it turns out that my prices were still a little high. Hey, I’m not perfect. So here’s what I’ve done: I’ve lowered the prices of almost every item. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m even going to show you how much I’m marking them up from wholesale. What follows is a list of wholesale prices compared to the retail prices that I’ve set. Keep in mind that my provider takes a 5% cut of every sale, and I do need to make at least a bit of profit. Most items that I’m selling are making around $0.50 for me. Feel free to do the math yourself, if you don’t agree with my prices.

List of Prices

Wholesale prices on the left, my prices on the right.

I’m doing this for some profit, but I’m not looking to get fabulously rich. Mostly, I’d like a bit of money on the side, and the knowledge that I made a successful, well-liked business. Thanks for your time!

Some New Products

13 May

So I managed to find a few more steals hidden away in the product catalogs. I’m proud to offer a 2-pack  of PS3 SixAxis controllers for only $70.00! Elsewhere, a single controller can go for about $45.00, and that was the cheapest price that I could find.

I also added a Nintendo Wii system, complete with 2 controllers and Wii sports, all for only $320.00! If you bought all of those things separately, it would cost around $350, plus shipping for each item.


But What to Sell?

13 May

So far, this has been the trickiest part of the whole operation. Since I’m limiting myself to 10 products (plus some super savers), I needed to make sure that what I was selling was the best and the cheapest in each category.

In deciding what sort of things I wanted to sell, I just thought of what I, as a nerd, would use frequently. My backup keyboard and retractable mouse are invaluable to me, so I put them up there. HDMI cables are incredibly overpriced in most brick-and-mortar stores, so it can never hurt to have those for cheap. I use ethernet cables up like crazy, so those are definitely in. And my little kit of computer tools is incredibly useful, even outside of computers, so that’s a must-have on the site.

You can probably figure out why I picked each of the things that I did, so no need to go over every single one. The more interesting part, I think, was the pricing. I looked up the prices of every single item on multiple prominent online retailers for electronics and made absolutely certain that my prices were lower, or, if that was impossible, the same. Some of my goods have steep discounts when compared to the other retailers, like the Radeon 5850 and the Plasma Globe. The service that I’m using to manage my sales encouraged me to use broad “markup categories,” where I would put an item in a category and it would automatically mark it up by a certain percentage. I didn’t think that was right, and the prices came out very ugly. So, I went in and priced everything by hand, at the prices that I would personally be willing to buy them at. I hope that my fellow nerds appreciate it!

Domain Hunting

13 May

Finding a domain actually proved to be much easier than I anticipated. I knew what I wanted my business model to be – the top 10 products for nerds. So, was one of my obvious first choices. Thankfully, it was untaken! Not going to lie, that surprised me a lot. The supertubes are smiling upon me, I suppose.

I got the domain from, and it was fairly easy. The menu navigation is pretty cluttered, but I managed to figure it out. All in all, I payed about $20 to for two years and for one. Not bad at all. Now the only thing that I’m waiting for is for my supplier’s servers to propagate the changes I made in the settings that would make the official domain name.

Next up – finding what I actually wanted to sell! It was a bit harder than I thought, but a lot of fun, too.